• Embodied Wisdom

  • That's Maxwell up there in our front yard, ready for just about anything. He's totally relaxed, ready to pounce or nap at a moment's notice, demonstrating a concept I call "dynamic neutral." This idea came to me after thousands of miles of long-distance bike riding. It captures a quality I strive to help bring forward in individuals, teams and systems; poised for action, yet calm and relaxed, fully present, clear-minded, open-hearted, flexible, curious, focused on outcomes, and in-control but not over-controlling. Easy, right? I mean, if a dog can do it...


    For individuals, it might mean noticing what's happening in our bodies when we experience a "pinch" with colleagues and becoming more choiceful about how we'll respond.


    Or for teams, it might mean taking frequent breaks during difficult conversations to help reset and refresh the group's thought process so they're more able to access their collective wisdom.


    Or for organizations, it might mean creating "connective tissue" between differentiated parts in conflict with each other to ensure concerted action.


    Regardless of the focus of our work together, I draw from modern neuroscience, mindfulness practices and various wisdom traditions to help you find, refine and sustain this state of dynamic neutral.