• Wise Leaders

    Executive Coaching

    Mark Twain commented that "the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” It's likely you didn’t get where you are by accident – you’re smart, talented, and hold a position of significant responsibility – but lately it’s become clear to you, or to others who’ve encouraged you to seek out help, that “what got you here won’t get you there.” Something’s got to change. This is where an executive coach can help.


    I help you figure out where “there” is by gathering and making sense of two sets of data: from the inside (your dreams, aspirations and values) and the outside (feedback from peers, direct reports, bosses and key stakeholders). Based on these two data sets we set goals that become the focus of our work together. And then we experiment, paying attention to current frames of mind, trying on new behaviors, unlearning old habits, noticing the impact on others of new behaviors, and fine-tuning our actions to bring about different results. Coaching doesn't turn us into different people, but helps reveal us so we become more perfect versions of our self.

    Trusted Advisor

    Truth is, it can be lonely at the top, and "thinking out loud" can often have unintended consequences. As a leader, your actions and words, regardless of intent, carry far more weight than others and tend to be carefully scrutinized. And you're never quite sure if people are shading the truth to stay in your good favor or to keep out of harm's way. When I work with you, whether it's to build your executive team or to transform your organization, I'll tell you what I see with compassion and empathy, and approach even the most difficult issues with candor and sensitivity. The role of trusted advisor is built into all my services.